Dr. Susan Taffer is an American business and social entrepreneur, a Transition Strategist, Global Educator and a Humanitarian. She is an Intercultural Ambassador and principal founder of World Connections Foundation.

A recognized national and global educator and an authority on thought leadership, Dr. Taffer has served as an advisor to educators, learning institutions, corporations and students around the globe for more than 25 years.  She is a Doctoral Chair and Professor with Grand Canyon University and a Doctoral Consultant for Acacia University’s International Educators Graduate College. Her instructional guidance and multi-course knowledge has made her a distinguished and sought-after educator and speaker in doctoral studies, women’s leadership forums, and leading national organizations. For two years Dr. Taffer has served on the Athena Valley of the Sun executive leadership team. She is an executive advisor for the recipients of the Athena Principal Woman’s Leadership Award, a program that provides recipients with the skills and knowledge to work as educational mentors and coaches.

I’ve always been awed by the core strength education offers individuals. It fuels us with an INNER POWER to forge a path and embrace a journey no matter how bumpy the road may become or where it will eventually lead us. Open a book, switch on a computer, turn on a cell phone, listen to music, sit in meditation, take a yoga class with a master; the possibilities to explore and grow are infinite. There is no end within the realm of knowledge, only new and wondrous beginnings. I know this because I’ve seen the transformation of students I’ve had the privilege to teach and I’ve felt it in my own journey of discovery which continues to this day.” Dr. Susan Taffer