“For over 30 years I have been creating and developing academic programs that not only speak to the needs of learners, but that also make a difference.

My PASSION has always been to cultivate curiosity. Curiosity ignites a learning environment that comes alive with ideas, discussion, exploration, and most of all, a genuine interest to know more. It is this state of mind that not only drives more authenticity, greater self-discovery and empowerment, but also paves the way for sustainable economic growth.

Taking my passion and experience, I founded WORLD CONNECTIONS FOUNDATION; A HUB FOR EDUCATION INNOVATION. Here students have a chance to experience multiple, ground-breaking programs from several of the best U.S. learning institutions and educators, business and science trailblazers, and spiritual leaders.

Collaboration between some of the WORLD’S BEST INSTITUTIONS AND EDUCATORS is happening right here on World Connections Foundation platform. This is where students have the means to capitalize on the strengths of diverse learning institutions throughout their academic journey, and where qualified professionals, universities and other educational organizations enjoy complete academic freedom over their curricula.

From students entering university to life-long learners, the WCF joint programs are just one aspect of this unique model. We offer entrepreneurial initiatives with micro-business courses, critical life skills, leadership retreats, and more.

World Connections Foundation is an academic hub with far reaching opportunities and possibilities. It is where we get to work mining the human potential in all of us.” Dr. Susan Taffer

Meet Our Team

The World Connections Foundation team is the fabric of our strength, inspiring creativity and effectiveness. We are educators, strategists, coaches, collaborators, creators, authors, imagineers and so much more. Together we are forging a path toward bold and innovative new paradigms in higher education and leadership.  These programs are accessible to all because not only are we avid cultivators of the extraordinary in every human being, but we believe everyone has within them the potential for greatness.

If you would like to support the World Connections Foundation and learn more about becoming involved in the mission to create personal change and/or change in your community visit http://www.wcfaz.org/