In 2012 Dr. Taffer established World Connections Foundation, a non-profit institution dedicated to affecting national and global education instruction, world schooling and expanded college and university enrollments.

What We Do – Advocates for education equity, the Foundation’s work is directed at establishing innovative postsecondary education programs, supporting women, vulnerable children, families, and communities on a local, national and international level.  We work to create and scale education-based programs to propel inclusive and sustainable economic growth through the power of learning. Dr. Taffer believes that change is attainable through collaboration, innovation, thought leadership, and most importantly, education.

Through online and practical classes, this is where WCF empowers learners from around the globe, each with their own unique gifts, to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. WCF has partnered with institutions such as Acacia University to offer accredited content.

Our Mission – To provide world-class education and access for all, everywhere so that everyone can have the opportunity to achieve greatness within themselves and their communities.

We Believe

By cultivating our promising future leaders, particularly young women and girls, we will empower some of the most marginalized national and global youths to fulfill their true potential .

We Believe

Education is the cornerstone to self-reliance.

That is why we are building a revolutionary global learning platform to elevate prosperity and self-sufficiency in the 21 century and beyond.

We Believe

Masterful leaders combine ancient wisdom with modern science and contemporary knowledge.

To encourage diversity practices in leadership roles, we work to cultivate the unique skill sets of girls and women around the globe. We elevate thought leadership through innovative education programs.

We Believe

The power of story is contagious.

World Connections Foundation documentary film, ‘As I Rise,’ captures the essence of contemporary female role models; young and old, famous and unknown, ethnically and financially diverse. The reason for the film; to establish an accessible virtual portal that honors real-life female superheroes and allows a powerful depiction of feminine attributes to shower the story and soar on screen.

The film celebrates the protagonist’s accomplishments and follows their amazing climb to success. The end result: an extraordinary film, in a category all its own that will inspire women and girls to rise to their highest potential.

We Believe

In Creative Disruption

It is our ambition to pave the way for a new breed of 21st century leaders.  ‘As I Rise’ will become the ‘door’ to an innovative process that will promote confidence in girls, champion role models and advocate a level playing field for diversity in leadership.

We Believe

Social and economic equity in leadership roles will contribute to community diversity and inclusion where more people have a voice.

Diversity will shift the imbalance of women in positions of power.  More diversity will create sustainable advantages for corporations around the world and become a core value in how they operate as global corporate citizens.

We Believe

Feminine leadership fuels innovation, increases corporate and financial performance, and builds stronger, more collaborative teams.